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Friday, April 01, 2005

Votes Cast in Zimbabwe, 3/31/2005

On Thursday, there were elections held for parliamentary seats in Zimbabwe. The opposition group, know as the M.D.C., are the favored to win the most seats, but there have been many reports of fraud and ballot stuffing.

This election is a little different than the one we "witnessed" in 2002. Mugabe called for non-violent elections. He was not running for office. If his party garners 2/3 of the parliament, Mugabe can then change the constitution. It would "appear" to be legitimate, although the only people allowed to moniter the elections were from countries friendly to Mugabe.

If it happens that Mugabe gets to rewrite the constitution, Zimbabwe shall have much less freedom than they have now. You may read about the elections here. I haven't heard anything about it elsewhere, either. Keep in touch.