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Friday, April 22, 2005


I must admit that much of these stories do touch me very deeply. I have written often about Darfur, Sudan. The thing you don't understand, maybe, is that I read a lot more than I write. You do not have any idea that 400,000 people have been massacred. The news will not tell you. It breaks my heart, because I am beginning to believe that no one cares. It also breaks my heart that it is even happening. With all we have, we do nothing. Talk is cheap.

The peace talks in Indo-Pak may have come to a halt. I am not sure, and I do not want to believe this. I guess I have not learned how to become a cold, hard person that doesn't care about these people. I guess that is what is wrong with our media. They don't care. It doesn't affect them.

Remember when there was an antrax scare at one of the news station? THAT is when they cared. That is the only time. How can anyone do this? Day after day we see or read about the evils of this world, and we are helpless. Are we? No. We could get together and make noise. We could write letters. We could vote these people out of office. Do we? No. Why not? Because we don't care. I am very tired. Now if you'll excuse me, I am going to go pray and cry. I can't take it. I'll be back, though, because I care.