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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Dancing with Angels

Blackfive has information on a very special dance. This dance is a benefit for the Illinois Military Families and Soldiers Angels. You will find all the information you need at Blackfive's site.

It would be a good idea for anyone and everyone to try to put together a gathering like this to show our appreciation. We all have VA's around. We have many veterans and family members of people whom have served and are serving today. Why can't we do something special for them?

I would like to invite all people from Los Angeles County to come up with some ideas so we may show our Military that we appreciate and care about them. I live in Long Beach, so if you could make it happen here, I would appreciate it! I do not have a car.

There is a Convention Center here. There are also many hotels, resteraunts, and (I imagine) halls that can be rented or donated for the cause of freedom. If anyone has an idea, please contact me. I will make sure the word gets out. Thank you, and have a great day.