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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

News from Afghan Warrior and Admirers

As usual, Waheed of Afghan Warrior has written a very good article about the welfare and progress in Afghanistan. He has a talent to write with insight, forethought, and knowledge. He also does not leave out the things that are wrong or still need fixing. In other words, he is honest! I highly recommend this site to all that are wondering, "What ever happened to Afghanistan?"

As I was reading the comments, I came across a blog by John Schroeder. This site is very cool. He has done a round-up of democracy breaking out all over the place! Iran, Taiwan (I missed that one!), Iraq, and the ME. Give it a visit. You may like it. There are many links.

I clicked on one of the links provided by John, and lo and behold! I came smack into another Have You Forgotten tribute! I remember writing mine way back in September, but it is always good to remember. I think I always do, until I run across an article like this. There is a truck that has literally written all the victims of September 11, 2001 on the sides of his truck. It is breathtaking. Yes, there are pictures. Everyone have a good day.