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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Another NK Story-One to Fear

I ran across this article on my NK watch e-mails that I receive. As I was reading it, my body started to quiver inside. I don't usually do that. I'm a pretty tough gal. I thought it important to bring this to your attention, or I would be derelict in my duties as a news person.
..."China, the North’s biggest backer and major source of aid to the impoverished country, has been wary of openly testing its influence on Pyongyang.” Wary?

This is what passes for informed reporting. (Italics are my own.) The only problem is that, when China says, "jump", North Korea says, "How high?” Pyongyang is owned lock, stock and barrel by China. It was originally the creation of the former Soviet Union’s dictator, Stalin, who picked Kim Il Sung, the father of the current despot, Kim Jong Il, to aid the expansion of the USSR with an audacious attack on the South, on June 24, 1950.
This I was somewhat aware of before, except for the true reach of Stalin. I only had my suspicions.
If you want to know what we're really up against with the Chinese and North Koreans, read William C. Triplett II's new book, "Rogue State: How Nuclear North Korea Threatens America" ($27.95, Regnery Publishing Co.) Triplett is a veteran national security specialist. If you do read his book, you will discover that North Korean warheads could hit American soil, that North Korea is selling nuclear weapons technology to terrorist states and groups, and that Kim Jung Il is, among other nasty things, training Arab terrorists and others with an eye to sabotaging Japan's nuclear power plants and doing all kinds of other mischief.
I stopped in the middle of writing this to purchase my copy of his new book.
The fact is that North Korea has more than one million men on active duty and almost five million reserves.
This is why we are in a position of near blackmail. This is also why I believe that if any college or high school refuses to accept recruiters or ROTC programs on their campus, they should receive no federal, state, or city tax dollars. We will definitely need more recruits.
In recent weeks, Japan which has long taken a passive, self-defensive stance as regards its military, signaled that, if Red China were to try to make good on its threats against Taiwan, it would join with the United States in defense of that island nation. That is a good thing. It swings the power equation in the right direction...Dependence on the US military power will give way to a renewed sense of nationhood and the need to hold its own in the face of threats by North Korea and Red China. Most certainly, the “One China” fiction that Taiwan should be treated as a non-nation needs to end as official US policy.
I agree!
If history is any indicator—and it always is—then sooner or later North Korea will do something just as surprising as it did in June 1950. <...> Right now its missiles threaten Japan and South Korea. And they are able to hit the US West Coast. The difference between 1950 and now would be measured in how many would die.
Are you feeling sick inside, yet? If not, either you already know this or you are a fool. Okay, try this:
And the news only gets worse. The European Union has announced it intends to sell weapons to Red China, ignoring a long embargo against it.
Nice "allies", huh?
Just as the Associated Press reporter appeared to think that North Korea was an independent nation over which Red China had little control this view has its advocates, says Triplett, in the US State Department. Fortunately, the Pentagon has been planning for decades for the possibility of war with North Korea and, if necessary, Red China.
Yes. Thank God. The only question remaining: Will we act before they do? I sure as hell hope so. This article was written by Alan Caruba on March 5, 2005.