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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Today is the First Day for the Rest of Your Life

Today is the day Iraqis are going to go to the polls and decide who will represent them. It is a glorious day. You can taste freedom in the air. Yes, there is tension. Yes, there are threats to the individuals as well as their families. Yes, it is very scary.

Yet with all of these things to fear, hope is a much bigger obstacle for the enemy. These Iraqis have lived, seen, and been through more than we could ever imagine. Maybe that is why we take voting for granted. We forget how many lives were lost on our behalf. Maybe that is why some of us (the media included) do not comprehend the importance of this day.

I would just like to tell the Iraqi people that I admire your strength and determination. Please, vote for who YOU want to, not for whom someone tells you. This is your day. This is your voice. Say it loud and proud. Your have suffered long enough. You deserve your freedom. Now, you will have it.

MESSAGE TO MEDIA: The results with not be known for at least a month. Do not mislead the people with your lies. You are a disgrace. As a friend of mine said, "I'll evaluate and comment on the election after it has been finalized. I feel no need to fall into the "chicken little" syndrome perpetuated by the Media Whores who are all lined up there, camera's always at the ready, just waiting to cry havoc when anyone slams a screen door."

May God be with you today and always.