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Thursday, January 06, 2005

English Sprouts

A disturbing piece of news has crossed my desk(top.) Were you aware that Brussel Sprouts were actually from England? I have been boycotting them because I was under the assumption they were from Brussels! Yes, that sesspool of rules, regulations, and judgements against any country they choose! They remind me of the 9th Circus Court in California.

Brussels Declares Teabags Are Animal By-Product. So, the EU will no longer be able to throw their teabags in the garbage due to the fact it is an animal by-product. Brussels has declared teabags, vegetables, and coffee filters dangerous. God forbid someone puts milk in their tea! They must make sure that Foot and Mouth Disease does not spread via teabags.

Uh, all you people who love the UN and Europe...what's up with that? Do you follow this thinking? If so, you need help.

Just thought you should know, since the MSM will never inform you of anything so silly. Hat tip to Dan Foty. Have a great day and a cup of tea for me.