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Thursday, January 06, 2005 and your future

Many people today are afraid of economics because people tend to make it look harder than it actually is so they can look intelligent. Why not? They have to have some reason to exsist! I have copied this from Town Hall to introduce economics to you in a simple and worthwhile way. Please take advantage of this endevour. It will be worth your time.
First Jobs Equal Big Opportunity

President Bush is moving ahead with his revolutionary vision of an ownership society. The president’s plan offers all Americans unprecedented opportunities to tailor government programs, including Social Security and medical care, to best meet their needs.

To make the most of the ownership society, Americans need a deeper understanding of economics. The current state of economic literacy is alarming. One survey shows most Americans believe companies convert 46% of their revenues into profit (the correct answer is 8%). More than two thirds believe that “the economy is not doing better than it is” because top executives are paid too much.

Given these misconceptions, it’s no surprise that so many buy into the “us vs. them” attitude deftly cultivated by those who seek to erode confidence in America’s economic system.

The FirstJobs Institute’s mission is to give Americans basic economic knowledge they need in a 21st century economy and to tell people of the unprecedented opportunities this nation offers regardless of where their career begins.

The FirstJobs Institute's ECON4U program presents short questions and answers in venues that young people frequent, such as movie theaters, bowling centers, fast food restaurants, and on the internet at These easily digested facts cover quick, important lessons in personal finance, social spending, and business economics.

To personalize the opportunity to move beyond entry-level work, the FirstJobs Institute also profiles successful community leaders and executives by highlighting the stories of their first jobs, showing how each individual turned his or her ordinary beginnings into extraordinary success. By sharing their experiences, we can dispel the common myth that most of today’s leaders were born into positions of privilege. These short stories demonstrate specifically how success was built with tools available to nearly everyone.

President Bush’s plan offers young adults the chance to take charge of their own future. But Americans will need more than opportunity. They need the right information to help make the best choices for themselves and for their families. The FirstJobs Institute is committed to the nation’s economic education – the foundation of a successful ownership society.

Visit to take the ECON4U quiz, see current profiles of how today’s business leaders began their careers, and to contact project manager Erin Grant at to see how you or your company can participate and support this important mission.

The following was a paid message from the FirstJobs Institute.
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I will be visiting this site, even though I have taken 2 courses in Economics. It's never too late to learn, and there is always more to learn! I hope this helps someone. Have a great day.