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Sunday, January 23, 2005

America's New Revolution

I know people would like to know my perspective on the day to day and the big events that happen in the USA. I would say I am sorry for not reporting about the Inauguration Day events, but I would be lying. I was enjoying myself so much. I was enthralled by his speech. I have renewed hope.

I have hope that the students of Iran may now receive the recognition the MSM has denied them. I have hope for the people of North Korea. Hope that we are finally going to say, "No more!" Hope that we can stand beside the people who are starting to dissent. Yes, that would be a wonderful thing.

I have hope for the people of Darfur, Sudan. They are calling out for our help, President Bush. We shall not let them down. Rid them of that despot in Khartoum. Rid them of the Arabs that have invaded their country. Speaking of invasions, close our borders.

I have hope for the people of Zimbombwa. Hope that they can overthrow the thief who calls himself president. He steals from them, cheats them, does not allow freedom of speech, takes their food and then blames others for not giving aid, and he murders those who oppose him.

I also have hope that maybe, finally, we can tell China to go kiss off. Yes, what a wonderful day that would be. Are you aware that the richer the government gets, the worse it treats it's people? I pray for the Chinese people. I feel another Tienanmin Square coming flooding towards the walls of justice to demand its rightful place in Chinese life.

Yes, I pray for all people. I let God separate the wheat from the chaff. I do not want to be so presumptuous as to believe I ever could. I will, however, pray for victory for our men and women of the Military and Non-Governmental Organizations.

So you see, I've just been too darn overjoyed! I was so inspired, uplifted, edified, and happy for human kind to put it into words.